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Hydraulic Penile Prosthesis

A world-class italian men's health clinic and Cuban institutions are collaborating to offer men a better quality of life. The implantation of a penile prosthesis is the best surgical option for all forms of erectile dysfunctions that do not respond to other therapeutic aids, or in cases where drug treatments are contraindicated or might have led to the occurrence of relevant side effects.

The prosthesis can be non-hydraulic (malleable), and hydraulic (three-component). They consist of two cylinders placed in the two natural cylinders of the penis. The first is the simplest and provides constant consistency to stimulate erection, and also allow adequate bending of the penis for better comfort in the brief. However, patients accustomed to sport activities might need to make changes in their lifestyle, since the high pressure on the cavernous tissues can reduce the tropism and increase the chances of perforation and extrusion of the prosthesis.

The hydraulic models are made up of two cylinders, a control device inside the scrotum and a reservoir of liquid placed near the bladder. It allows a solid natural erection with the same sensitivity and ability to ejaculate, and get an orgasm as prior to surgery. The advantage of the hydraulic implants is that the penile rigidity is obtained only during the culmination of the sexual activity.

The phases of the surgery include skin incision, exposure of the corpora cavernosa, choice and positioning of the prosthesis components, and in case of hydraulic prosthesis, filling and emptying of the prosthesis. It is usually performed under local anaesthesia. The most significant complication would be an infection, and it generally requires a re-surgical operation with removal of the prosthesis.

The mechanical reliability and the technical characteristics of the models currently available, guarantees excellent results in aesthetic and functional terms. Choosing the correct treatment is important for the sexual rehabilitation of the patient.

The patient must be informed of the irreversibility of the procedure, and the risks related to it. The correct preoperative information should take into consideration some basic elements.

The size of the penis pre-surgery and post surgery may differ, and will be long term. This disparity could be found in cases of the use of malleable prosthesis as well.

The possibility of infection is less than 1%, but may be higher if there is a spinal cord injury or diabetes. Infections are treated with the immediate removal of the prosthesis. There is a higher risk of infection when a surgery needs to be revise or the implant replaced. Risks of infection can be significantly reduced if the patient follows the postoperative instructions. The prosthesis does not directly affect the level of desire or the intensity of orgasm. A penile prosthesis does not change the sensitivity of the penis or a man’s ability to achieve orgasm, and the ejaculation is not affected; The positioning of the implant stops the process of atrophy and with proper rehabilitation, the patient can recover some of his lost penis length.

Once healed, the patient can lead a normal active lifestyle. About 90 to 95% of the implants of inflatable prosthesis produce erections suitable for intercourse. 80 to 90% of men are satisfied with the results and choose to opt for the surgery again.

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