Medika International

The Medika Guidance

First contacts

From the moment you contact us, one of our representatives will take charge of your file, and will contact you within the first 48 hours, in the way you're the most comfortable with. Will then begin a discussion with you, to understand your needs and answer all your questions. At that point, no personal detail will be disclosed and the exchanges will be at your own pace, in confidence, comfort and discretion.

Gathering information

When you're ready, we'll start gathering information to further understand the services suited to your needs. The idea is to set up a file with all data related to your current and past health state. This step can also be done by e-mail, phone or in person. A clinic consultation can also be necessary, depending on your specific needs. Once again, we will guide you with expertise and professionalism.

The quotation

Once the data is all gathered, that's when the real work starts for us. With partnerships and agreements with many renowned clinics across the continent, it is our duty to find the best solution to your needs. We get in contact with these institutions to find which one will provide the best services, in the delays and prices of your choosing. When our research is completed, we will present to you our detailed recommandation, and the final decision will be yours.

Transportation and accomodation

Medika leaves no detail behind. With partnerships with local travel agencies, we have an exclusive access to real time flight inventories to all our health-destinations. Not only your flight can be booked through us, but so can your accomodation at destination, taking advantage of our representatives and contacts on site. To sum up, Medika offers you a complete and integrated medical package, based on comfort and quality.

Medical services

Once at destination, you'll benefit from the daily guidance of our Medika personnel, that will guide you through all steps of your transportation, accomodation and finally, the medical procedure. To further ease things out, know that our staff is perfectly fluent in French, English and Spanish.


Back home, our work with you continues. Your Medika International file will always remain opened, with regular consultations with our staff here and at destination, if needed. Know that we are in daily contact with our partner-clinics, and the post-surgery support is a part of the contracts that we have with them.