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I took one-month progress pictures this weekend and thought you’d like to see them! Things are going well with the recovery! Most of the scar line is healed and my new belly button is progressing nicely. The only real discomfort is when I take the compression garment off to take a shower, but I’m sure that will decrease with time. I compared my waist measurements from pre-surgery, which was 40 inches, and now it’s 32 inches! And my boyfriend, family, me, and all our friends are loving my new hourglass figure!  I finally fit into a medium size shirt!

I wanted to say a big thank you to you and Marie-Josee for helping to connect me with the clinic and Andree. I will definitely pass your info along to others in New Brunswick who are looking for plastic surgery options. This was by far the best medical experiences I have ever had! Even my family doctor is impressed by the work and very happy to hear I received amazing treatment while in Cuba!

Take care!

Sarah, New-Brunswick, Canada

Hello, ladies!

This note is for all of you who is successful, confident and who knows what she wants. And of course, who wants to be beautiful! From the beginning, please allow to me to introduce myself. I am Olena, 53 years old, living in Toronto, Canada. A few years ago, I started to think that it is time already to look younger.

Day by day, hour by hour I was sitting on internet and looking, and searching. Very fast I have realized that Canada and America are not for my wallet. Even went to a few doctors here in Toronto, just to make sure that I will not do it here. My deep investigations took me to the European countries. I contacted the doctors in Italy, Romania, Slovenia. Everyone was inviting me and promised to do their best. And I kindly believed it.

But, one day, by lucky an accident, I found the chapter about plastic surgeries on Cuba and Mexico. Why not? It is much close. From that moment, the circle of my search became narrow. Finally, in a few days later, I was talking on the phone to Isael. He is such a sweet and kind person! Where he got so much patience to answer to all my questions, maybe sometime even very silly, and explain everything with a small details! Thank you very much!

And after a few conversations, I sent my pictures. And in a few days later, got the reply from the Doctor Gustavo Gonzalez, with a full plan of my surgery, what and how he will do it. It was a huge project! Eyes lid, face, neck and forehead lift, breast implants! I got a little scary, to be honest.

Then, when I read a Doctors profile on Facebook, exchanged a few messages. I totally realized. He is the person and that Doctor, whom I can trust with my face and body! He has such a nice personality, intelligence and high professionalism, and experience of talking to clients! It is very difficult not to believe to him!

I got my surgery on May 12th, 2015. It went very successfully, no worries before and no pain after! What could be better? Just a little discomfort, but that’s understandable. The hospital, the personal and the attention to me! I think, our Canadian doctors should learn from Mexicans many things!

A special thanks to Isael! For his patience, a huge job to make me ready for that brave step! And of course, a huge human thanks to my lovely Doctor! I am very happy, that I found you and trust you! I’m more than happy with the results after my surgery. Every day I am getting better and better. Every morning, when I look at myself in the mirror, I want to live! That is what I wanted and was looking for a few last years!

Girls, ladies! Do not be afraid to be beautiful! All of us deserve it!

Olena, Toronto, Canada

My first impression when I contacted and spoke with Marie Josee and Isael was that their services and assistance was friendly, honest, personalized and very professional. This goes back to March 2014. I was 51 years old. At that time I was beginning to be a bit discouraged about my body as I was working out a lot and the results were no longer showing in certain areas, such as my tummy waist and breasts.

Isael recommended for me to have a breast lift/augmentation, liposculpting, and a tummy tuck by Dr. Gonsalez in Mexico City. It was also a better price, having more then one procedure at once. I left 3 weeks later. The flight had been delayed so I had 2 hours with Dr. Gonsalez but he was very thorough and ready to see me. I was also met by a nice translator at the airport who also took good care of me and brought me to the clinic. Dr. Gonsalez speaks fluent English and is very easy to converse with. He is a very conscientious man, an excellent and meticulous surgeon with a very human approach. After meeting with him the translator brought me to get all the necessary tests done. My surgery was scheduled for the following morning and I was a bit concerned as I had very little sleep with traveling plus I take very strong medication for Crohns.

The surgery went exceptionally well!

There was one night I felt I was coming down with a cold while staying at the hotel and Dr. Gonsalez came at 11pm to give me antibiotics to insure that I dont get sick. I also had Reiki and laser treatment every day to help the swelling. The only thing was missing was codeine but I had other alternative medication for the pain however codeine is what works best for me.. They don’t have codeine in Mexico. I do intend to go back for a neck lift and will know to bring some with me next time.

There were 4 surgeries all together. Breast lift, slight augmentation, tummy tuck and liposculpting. He also injected a bit of my own fat in my buttocks so now I have a nicer and fuller figure! Everyone who has seen it tells me it was so well done and worth it! The best thing I ever did! I love how I feel and I did it for myself!

Dr. Gonsalez is really a nice surgeon to deal with, very professional and he takes his work and art very seriously. Isael and Marie Josee also took great pride and time insuring that all was well taken care of. I stayed at a hotel next to the clinic (after 3 days of the surgery) and asked for a quiet room and it was very quiet. Food was also very good! I would also recommend anyone going down there to have assistance with the translator who can also get you food and help you get around.

Again it has been a wonderful experience and truly transformational! I am so happy with the results of my new body and how natural it looks! I look forward to going back to see Dr. Gonsalez for my neck lift. Thank you for your amazing work and also to Marie Josee and Isael for being very professional and very re-assuring. It was great and comforting dealing with all of you!

Ms Gagnon, Montreal, Canada

Good afternoon to all the team of Medika!

I’m sending you this e-mail to tell you how much I apreciated the help from you, for all my needs of dental treatments! I’m now a happy man, with a happy smile!

Thank you!

John, Calgary, Canada

Recently, during a trip to Puerto Vallarta, I enjoyed dental services provided by a clinic referred to me by Medika International! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of the results, the professionalism of the clinic and its staff. The personnel was warm and efficient all the way through, and so welcoming with me. Everything had been organized by Isael Carbonell Cruz, Vice-President of Cuba Medika and Medika International.

Thank you again for your efficiency, I would go back to that clinic without any hesitation!

Mrs Samson, Montreal, Canada


After a long fundraising campaign to amass the precious money that would be used to save my eyes, we chosed CubaMedika to translate the different conversations that I would have to have with the hospital’s medical staff, but it should be said that his was limited to his. I arrived in Havana while everything had been prepared. Two CubaMedika employees were waiting for me at the airport with a taxi to escort us to the hospital where the medical staff was already waiting for us. He set us up and translated what would happen next and it was like that from start to finish.

Whenever I had examinations and tests, one of the two translators who had been assigned to me if it was not the two presented themselves to translate my questions, my fears or to give me a report on my situation, something that not everyone had. One of the few times she did not arrive, because the doctor had finally decided to see me earlier than planned, when she arrived, she went upstairs to get news for me and bring me back. all.

Many fears and lengths are generated by a three week treatment and hopilitisation away from home. That is why I would like to thank CubaMedika for taking charge of my file as they did!

Francis, Québec City, Québec

Weight loss, bariatric and cosmetic surgery

Medika International

Here is the review I am trying to post on your facebook page :

After having lost over 222 lbs in the last 4 ½ years I had lots of hanging
skin all over my body. Surgery in Canada was unaffordable, so I went in
search of a surgeon abroad and I found CubaMedika. After more than a year
of research on Medical Tourism and surgeons all over the world, I reached
out to them and after a few email exchanges I met with Isael and
Marie-Josée in their Montréal office.

From our first meeting in their home office I was impressed with their
knowledge and felt very comfortable with them. I was able to ask them all
of my questions and as they have vast experience in both Medical Tourism
and excess skin removal surgeries they were able to explain absolutely
everything to me.

I had originally wanted to go to Cuba, but Isael felt I would get better
results in Mexico due to the excessive work I needed done. We submitted my
photos and requests to Doctors in both Cuba and Mexico anyways, and in the
end I decided to proceed with Dr. González in Mexico City.

Isael and Marie-Josée were with me every step of the way and made
everything easy. They helped me with my hotel and flight bookings, provided
me with lots of information, advice and helpful tips for before, during and
after my surgery and provided me with a translator in Mexico City, Anne,
who was extremely helpful during my stay.

I had my first surgery on Oct 24th, 2017 for the top half of my body with
Dr. González and everyone associated with CubaMedika was available to me at
all times via email, text and phone so any questions I had were answered
quickly both before I travelled to Mexico, during and after. Everything
from the travel, hotel, surgery and recovery went perfectly and Isael kept
in contact with me during my 2 weeks in Mexico City and in the month since
my return to Canada.

I definitely made the right decision and I’m extremely happy with my
results. I look and feel like a new person and I look forward to proceeding
with the next surgery with CubaMedika and Dr. González in a few months’

Thank you to everyone for helping make this happen!

Michelle Sigouin