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Dental Care in Costa Rica

For years now, Medika has been offering high-quality dental care in Costa Rica. In 2017, over 40% of the medical tourism in that country came from dental treatments, all because of the expertise and the competitive prices.

The most common dental treatments in Costa Rica are as follows:

  • Dental cosmetic treatment
  • Endodontics
  • Dental surgery
  • Periodontics

    • Other dental treatments are also available in Costa Rica. For more personalized information, contact us!

      Dental implants and Prostheses

      1- One-piece load (Dental implant in only one piece)
      $ 600,00 USD + crown
      2- Traditional Dental Implants
      $700,00 USD + crown
      3- Crown
      $ 350,00 USD

      Other available treatments: -Dental bridge and fixations -Traditional dentures and fixations

      Dental Implants


      • The dental implant device and the abutment are integrated in once piece so that the healing abutment is not necessary, avoiding with that a second procedure
      • Osseointegration starts immediately. The bone tissue and implant device integration happen ordinarily and since the device is solid, it permits immediate use
      • With a removable prothesis and a healing pillar, it no longer takes months to recover. The treatment can be achieved in as little as 11 days
      • The possibility of needing bone graft is reduced to the minimum since the device is build to benefit bone growth and preserving of the existing bone

      The Procedure

      Phase 1: Installation of the surgical pivot and the surgical implant.
      Phase 2: Installation of the pillar and the crown. This phase takes place 4 months later.

      When the implant has been in place long enough to be firmly established, we will instal abutment and the crown. The abutment will be attached to the implant using a special fixation screw. A new personalized crown will be then fabricated on the pillar and be aligned with the adjacent teeth.

      At this stage of the procedure, a few days are usually necessary for the gums to heal before the crown can be installed. It is, therefore, recommended to plan a bit more than a week to make sure the procedures are completed successfully. Mouth anatomy being different from one patient to another, the healing process, gum thickness and the time of the procedure can all vary from one person to another.

The Medika guidance

From the first contacts to the surgery, not to mention the transportation and the accomodation, discover the complete Medika guidance!