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President: Marie Josee Forand

MarieJoseeForand-2 With more than 35 years experience in HR, President of CubaMedika and Medika International. I am now very happy with my lifestyle, why not you?

My history

Being a woman of such strength and many qualities do not confirm a perfect world. We all have a history to be told, here is mine for those that do not believe in changes, those that keep all their situations of the everyday life hidden in a secret closet.

All my life I suffered from obesity, a calendar that many are passing trough right now. With obesity came uncomfortable situations such as being bullied and health issues. I was over 300 pounds, and with all the special diets and treatments that I tried, I was able to lose a few pounds just to know that the month after I gained them back, and maybe more. Depression was knocking at my door but I kept on fighting with the help of my family’s support.

My decision was to go for a by-pass (bariatric surgery) at first, with all the risks involved but believing in a new future and lifestyle. I lost 150 pounds, and for sure I had to deal with the excess of skin caused by the lost of weight. I would talk to myself in front of the mirror saying ‘I cannot give up now!’

Bariatric surgery has many benefits. I had more sugar problems, and I was able to control my blood pressure. My health was getting better. What was my next step?

Yes, plastic and cosmetic surgeries! I know plastic surgeries are very expensive in North America, so I decided to take a look in other countries with lower cost of living that can offer top quality of medical services and doctors. Doors opened in Mexico City and Havana Cuba. Since then, my life has changed beneficially year after year, always for the better?

Isael Carbonell

Isael Carbonell Cruz

Vice – President

CubaMedika inc

Medika International

Originating from a country where medicine is a priority, I was greatly inspired and this led me to the creation of Cubamedika and Medika International .That is my way to help people that don’t have the budget to do their  medical treatments and plastic surgeries in north America or Europe .I have more than 10 years experience in international tourism  and medical tourism is the best combination to help patients and guide them to their best options of treatments abroad. My long-term experience in the industry has taught me how to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations. Customer’s loyalty is always impacted when you employ the right services .I realize the importance of acquiring and maintaining loyal repeat customers as well as spreading the word of your services, this loyalty is always good to enhance future costumer satisfaction. The experience is what make every company’s success