Fountain of youth. The beauty as you deserve. Let us take care of you! Affordable abroad chirurgy! NEVER COMPROMISE TO DETAILS High quality personalized medical care. Aesthetic surgery enhance the art of beauty

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Medika International (by CubaMedika)

Let us take care of you!

your assistance for :
aesthetic surgery
general surgeries,
and other medical treatments


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Our services consist of assisting you in the planning and the organization of your stay abroad, and to fulfill such mandate Cuba Médika inc. offers the following : 


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We can recommend some professional medical translation services. 


Assistance in the preparation of all the documents required for your departure and stay in abroad including your hospital registration.


Medical Conseling

Assistance in the preparation of a budget for medical costs, hospitalization, and costs related to a vacation connected with your stay.


Intermediary between doctors and patients to answer all your questions throughout the whole process.